New Internal Blu-ray Reader CA21N SATA Slot in 3D Blu-ray Player DVD CD Writer for iMac Mac Mini and Other laptops

China #ad - Can use for old one iMAC, and all sata interface laptops. Brand: hl model:ca21N Thickness: 12. 7mm interface: sata load type: Slot-in Dimensions: 128x127x12. 7 mm can use for laptops, mini pc, all in one pc, etc support for windows 98 se / win 7 / ME / 2000 / Vista / XP / Win 8 /Win 10 Support Mac OS 8.6 or higher readable format cd: vcd, dvd+r, dvd-r, dvd-rw, dvd-ram, cd-r, dvd-r dl, cd-rw dvd: dvd-rom, cd-rom12cm only, dvd+r dl, dvd+rw bd: bd-rom read speed dvd-rom max 8x cav cd-rom max 24x cav bd-rom max 2X CAV for Video/Max 6X CAVfor Data Write Speed CD-R :Max.

24x cav cd-rw :4x clv high speed cd-rw :10xclV Ultra Speed CD-RW : Max. 16x zone clv dvd-r :Max. 8x cav dvd-r dl :Max. 6x zone clv dvd-rw :Max. 6x zone clv dvd+r :Max. 8x cav dvd+r dl :Max. 6x zone clv dvd+rw :Max. 8x zone clv dvd-ram :3x-5x pcav 4. 7gb system support support windows 98 se, 2008 r2, me, xp, win 8, 2000, 2008, win 10 support windows server 2003, 2012, Vista, Win 7, 2003 R2, 2012 R2 Support Mac OS 8.

New Internal Blu-ray Reader CA21N SATA Slot in 3D Blu-ray Player DVD CD Writer for iMac Mac Mini and Other laptops #ad - 6 or higher 12. 7mm sata slot in blu-ray player without button and led, but have bezel.

More information about China #ad 6in Slimline SATA to SATA Adapter with Power - Slimline Serial ATA to SATA - Slim SATA F to SATA M

STARTECH.COM SLSATAADAP6 #ad - Slimline sata f to SATA combo M. The slsataadap6 slimline sata to sata adapter features a slimline serial ata connector on one end and a standard SATA data connector with SATA power connector on the other, enabling you to connect a Slimline SATA optical drive to standard motherboard and power supply connections.

. Sata adapter. F/m. Red. Designed and constructed to provide a dependable Slimline SATA to SATA connection, this high quality cable is backed by StarTech. Com's Lifetime Warranty. Serial ata 150/300/600 The slim sata adapter offers 6-inches in cable length, which compared to standard non-cable SATA/Slimline SATA adapter reduces strain off the drive connector and allows for flexible cable routing when positioning the Slimline SATA drive within the system case.

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